jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2016

A country I would like to visit

The country that I would like to visit is United States specifically the city of New York, because when I went to United State I visited Florida, Miami and Orlando specially the touristic places and where I lived for a month was in Port St. Lucie, but that city was a very quiet city in the Florida State so that was boring for me and I don’t liked drive a car so I always should to wait that somebody drive for visit the places. 
So I want to visit New York because I love big cities, when I went to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro was the best experience, that’s why I am sure that I will love New York, I would visit the touristic places like Times Squares, go to important museums like the Metropolitan Museum, the New York Public Library and of course the more best known statue of Liberty and Central Park, also I visualize myself working there someday, I wish work in an international organization like United Nations (UN)  or some Humanitarian organization